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My life as a dog!

1958: I became involved in the breed and in dogshows almost at the same time. A family moved in, just across the street where I lived, with a lovely little whippetbitch, born 1958, named Susie (Ch Nagrom Aorangi x Tundrans Sagitta). I started showing her and she was rather successful. She became Best in Show twice and won the very famous challenge prize "The Golden Necklace" which is annually given out to the BIS-winner at the famous "Skokloster sighthoundshow" (since 2001 held in diffrent places). 

1962: Susie was mated to Ch Wingedfoot Cream Cracker, a son of the famous English champion Wingedfoot Marksman of Always, and got a litter in August 1962. Finally I got my own whippet and I have been true to the breed ever since. One of the bitches from the same litter, La Biche, was also a BIS winner and won "The Golden Necklace" 1965.

1976: Mullacre Clochemerle of Courthill was imported from England by Bo Bengtson and Magnus Hagstedt. She was one of the top winning bitches that year and won her title easily. "Tea" was given to me in November 1977 and she is the ancestress of Kapriol. She was a beautifully headed, quality bitch and an extremely sound stylish mover. She meant very much to me, not only as a broodbitch but also as a very beloved friend. I still miss her.

1978: the first litter from Kapriol was born. Until 1996 I have bred 15 litters (A to O). Some  champions and a lot of CC winners. I didnīt bred at all during 1997-2006 but started up again 2007 with the P-litter.

1993: I got my license as a judge. I judge the whole sighthoundgroup, FCI group 10, several breeds in FCI group 5 and some breeds in other groups. Thatīs why I just have time to have a litter now and then.

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Pedigree for Susie born 1958


Ch Nagrom Aorangi

 Hillgarth Shah

 Fleeting Hillgarth Sovereign

 Riverhill Zephyr

 Chantonbury Miranda

 Fleeting Fellermelad

 Palmerscross Sweet Nell

 Tundrans Sagitta

 Ch Tundrans Ante

 Fleet Foots Ante

 S o Fin Ch Fleet Foots Ginni

 S o SF Ch Fleet Foots Ginni

 Ch Warrior King of Sagaland



  Pedigree for La Biche born 1962


Ch Wingedfoot Cream Cracker

 Ch Wingedfoot Marksman of Allways

 Ch Sapperly Kinsman

 Bolney Starshine of Allways

 September Rose

 Sapperly Envoy


 Susie (2 CC)

 Ch Nagrom Aorangi

 Hillgarth Shah

 Shanotonbury Miranda

 Tundrans Sagitta

Ch Tundrans Ante

S o SF Ch Fleet Foots Ginni