Kristo Ivanov






1) BLOG - WEBLOG in mixed Swedish and English. (Contents of work in progress, in English, will be forthcoming). It concerns cultural criticism and "political correctness" (PC) in research and in social life, including an analysis of the PC concept in order to make it clear that I do not intend to make it stand for a given political position.

2) Who am I ? [Vem är jag?] Multicultural, born 1937 in former Yugoslavia from Bulgarian parents but educated in Italy, Brazil, and France, worked in Brazil, France, USA and Sweden in both industry and universities. (More at my professional home page and further links)

3) Israel-Palestina och moralisk föreställningsförmåga [Israel-Palestine and moral imagination] (2002, in Swedish). Critical reflections upon the idea of cognitive science applied to ethics in the form of so called moral imagination, by means of a provocative application to the case of the Israel-Palestine conflict. A retitled version was published as "Att trampa på motpartens känslor" [To trample on the other party's feelings] in Västerbottens-Kuriren, p. 5, 8 april 2002.

4) En ny judisk-kristen kultur? [A new Jewish-Christian culture?] (2006, in Swedish). An analysis of the apparently increassing gloomy criticism of Christianity or "Western-Christian civilization" in some condemnations of anti-semitism. A rejoinder which was refused by the main involved press actor, the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter. For a description of difficulties in publishing this type of material, please see research reported at <http://www.lrb.co.uk/v28/n06/mear01_.html>.

5) Terrorism, Rättvisa och Kärlek [Terrorism, Justice, and Charity] (2001, in Swedish, references in English) deals with confusions between the concepts of justice and retaliation or just punishment in Hebrew and Christian systemic thinking. A shorter retitled version was published in Katolskt Magasin, 14/2001.

6) Missförstådd Demokrati? [Misunderstood democracy?] (2001, in Swedish, references in English), dealing with a particular case of organizational relations between civil society and state government. A shorter retitled version was published in Katolskt Magasin 14/2001.

7) Religion and Freedom of Expression [2005, in Swedish]: a notification to the Chancellor of Justice in Sweden [Justitiekanslern]. An analysis of one notable example of an insulting attack against Christian faith, a program in the Swedish Radio 25 July 2005. Bibliographic data of a press version which was published in Svenska Dagbladet is the following: Sommarprogrammet hets mot folkgrupp [pdf-file] [alternativ pdf-källa]. Svenska Dagbladet, (25 juli 2005), p. 27; (insändare ang Sverige Radios P1-program "Sommar" med Lena Andersson den 9 juli 2005). Compare with the Chancellor of Justice's decision [pdf-file, in Swedish] in March 2006 on a related issue of insult against Muslim faith which involved interventions by the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs [Utrikesdepartementet] and the Security Service [Säkerhetspolisen].

8) Research Summary on occasion of the 75th Birthday (2012). On occasion of my 75th birthday, as a response to inquiries about research results, thoughts and feelings, both professional and personal, I wish to present the following short summary based, amont others, on a few relevant excerpts from The Ecclesiastes. It can also work as a handbook for professors emeriti in general, and as a guide for progressive closing of life's balance-sheet.

9) Gunnela Ivanov - Website. This is my wife's personal website. Her personal and research interests converge with mine in the field of theological aesthetics. See especially the last pages, 302-306 (in Swedish) of her dissertation on design history (pdf 1,8 MB).

10) Search-homepage concerning my former student JONG YONG KIM (born 1961), who was my student at the department of Informatics, Umeå University (Sweden) during the period between 1988 and 1992, and then returned to Seoul, South Korea, as employed at Samsung. I lost contact with him. Please tell me if you know about his whereabouts.