Mats Samuelsson - Guitar and Vocals
Kim Gabrielsson - Drums
Patrik Öblad - Bass Guitar

Mizz Percy started up back in 1983 by the Guitar-player and singer Mats Samuelsson. They come from Gothenburg, Sweden. Mizz Percy took their name from the lyrics of a ZZ-Top song, and decided to spell their name with two Z:s. To accentuate the ZZ Top connection & the kind of music they were playing at that time. Over twenty years later their influences incorporate a much wider range from the Blues scene. Theres really only one thing left that they have in common with ZZ Top, and thats the two Z:s in their name. Mizz Percy have developed their own music and style, which is a Guitar Orientated Power Blues. Over the years, Mizz Percy have played more than 1000 gigs all over Scandinavia & have also played and jammed with such great artists as; Albert Collins, Alan Haynes, Claes Yngström. They have also supported Johnny Winter and played at the same occasion as Jimmy "Walking By Myself" Rogers, Walter Trout, Dr. Feelgood among others.

Mats Samuelsson, guitar and vocals says:
One of my biggest influences over-all is the Great Johnny Winter. My personal opinion is that he is one of the best Blues & Rock players of all time. Other people I listen to a lot are Albert Collins, B.B King, Ronnie Earl, Elmore James, Rory Gallagher and many more.. My main weapon is a 1964 Fender Stratocaster and the Slide alternative is a 70's Fender Music Master. On the amps section i use a Fender Super Reverb from 1970. I dont use any effects at all, I just play directly plugged-in, nothing at all between the guitar and the amp. We are looking forward to many more gigs and records in the future..

Sincerely Yours.