The FAC Construction System

Made in Sweden with love!


In 1952, the gifted Swedish artist / writer / inventor Mark Sylwan (1914-92) introduced the FAC construction system at a show held in Stockholm's Science Museum. The parts were made by the well-known Swedish firm of Mustad & Son in Gothenburg, and the main office of FAC Systems resided one flight down at Hornsgatan 89 in the southern part of Stockholm City.


There were four boxed "toy sets" nos. 0, 1, 1-2 and 2 (1-2 corresponding to 1A in Meccano language). This picture was taken when opening a No 1 from the mid-fifties for the first time!


Photo: Mats

And there were two large wooden-cased "engineering sets" called X1 and X2.


The wide variety of bosses and brackets are clearly visible in this close-up.


The now-obsolete Swedish thousand crown bill was drawn by Mark Sylwan the artist. And like Frank Hornby with his Meccano, Mark Sylwan encouraged cutting and bending of parts as well as using foreign materials such as plastic, wood and sheet metal.

FAC Systems is still going strong, and today new parts are being manufactured by various small firms (both Swedish and foreign) under the egid of AB Verkstadskontakt in Lidköping in western Sweden. Visit their web site at .